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Library and Resource Room

The School Library provides all our students access to information and helps them to develop learning skills in a supportive environment.  All classes have a one hour lesson every week in the library.

Our Library

  • Plays a central role in learning and teaching

  • Helps meet the needs of all learners

  • Empowers young people and encourages them to develop into lifelong learners.

The library contributes in many varied ways to the school’s main aim of creating confident individuals, responsible citizens, successful learners and effective contributors.

Borrowing Resources from the Library

The library contains a wide range of resources, from picture story books, fiction novels and non-fiction resources. Most of these resources can be borrowed by both staff and students.

We also have a ‘Senior Library’ which is for the Year 6 students. The Senior Library is situated at the back of the library near the Tech/Librarian office.

Borrowing Resources

  • Books will be issued for 2 weeks.

  • All loans can be renewed.

  • Items, which are on loan, can be reserved and suggestions for new titles are always welcome.

  • Borrowing rights are suspended until overdue books are returned.

Overdue, Lost or Damaged Resources

If a book is lost or damaged there will be a charge of $20.00 per item for it to be replaced.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

Lunch Time:        1:40pm – 2:25pm

Before School     8:45am -  8:55am

After School       3:30pm – 3:45pm


Our Book Week Parade was held in Term 3, 2023. What an amazing array of costumes and imagination by students and staff members!  Please enjoy the photo collage....

Book Week 2.jpg
Book Week 1.jpg
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