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Physical Education and Sport

Our Physical Education program is a comprehensive, challenging and fun educational program enjoyed by the students.  Students enjoy the benefit of a new, full sized indoor basketball court, which is fully utilised to enhance our Physical Education and Sports programs.  The program covers all areas of Physical Education, which ranges from ball handling skills to swimming.  Foundation to Years 2 students focus on the development of their basic Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS) such as ball bouncing, kicking, overhand throwing and catching.  The Years 3 to 6 students participate in a range of exciting sports such as AFL, netball, basketball, soccer, cricket and volleyball where they begin to apply their basic motor skills within these sports. 

Programs & Activities

Foundation and Year 1 students participate in a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) each week that receives wonderful support from our parents.  The program helps to develop students’ muscle, hand/eye and motor coordination skills, and balance through a variety of physical activities.  Students in Year 4 participate in a Bike Education program, which helps to develop their awareness when riding on roads and paths, develop their respect for the road rules when sharing paths with other riders and pedestrians.  During Year 6, students participate in the summer and winter Interschool sports program where each Friday students compete against other schools in the district.  Students have the opportunity to play cricket, volleyball, basketball or walla rugby in Terms 1 and 4.  During Terms 2 and 3 students have the opportunity to play AFL, netball, tee ball and soccer.

House System

We have a very healthy and vibrant House system with dedicated and talented House Leaders.  Our Houses are named after birds of prey that can be found in our local wetlands. They are Falcons (blue), Kestrels (green), Kookaburras (red) and Owls (yellow). Our House Leaders take responsibility for inspiring their teams during our cross county competition, the athletics sports and various round robin events held throughout the year.

Students enjoy the benefit of our, full sized indoor basketball court which is fully utilised to enhance our Physical Education and Sports programs.

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